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Automatic Door Systems | Megoras

Automatic Door System

In this period when hygiene control is mandatory, it is now very easy to control with automatic doors systems without touching the doors with our sensors and automatic opening door system

Eliminating the need to touch a door handle reduces the risk of cross contamination and helps to eliminate bacterial spread among employees, customers, patients and visitors. 

If there are other, manual doors in the building that have a high volume of people entering and exiting, like restrooms and other indoor entrances, we recommend that these doors be automated. This will further minimize the risk of contamination and keep hygiene control throughout the facility, ensuring that all pedestrians are kept safe.

Swing Door Systems

Swing doors take up minimal space while providing maximal opening width. The operators are ideal for both new installations and retrofits, and manual opening is easy if needed for convenience or safety.

Sliding Door Systems

Sliding doors offer single or bi-parting openings, through a variety of styles and configurations. Safe and easy to use, they are suitable for any entrance, from simple opening and closing to providing a hermetic seal.

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