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Cold Room Door Systems | Megoras

Cold Room Door Systems

Operating Temperature of the System:  -15 o C; +55  o C

Motor Power : 0.4kW / 0.75kW / 1.5kW / Optional –  220VAC 50/60 Hz

Facilities with a lot of vehicle traffic where the door needs to open and close quickly in order to avoid the loss of cold air and keep energy costs down.

Our Automation  system using a belt which is simple and easy to install. This can be on the left or right, so the client can change which side opens during installation if necessary.

All electrical elements are pre-installed so you do not lose time for wiring.

Parameters can be arrange for your needs.

Opening Options ; Radar, Magnetic Field, Remote Control, Touchless System .

Safety photocells that stop the door from closing if a person or vehicle is going through.

Controller Application

3 Phase Control Panel

Includes Safety Photocell and Remote Controllers

Belt and Motor System

Door Application

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