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Industrial & Commercial Doors | Megoras

Sectional Overhead Door Systems

Sectional overhead doors open vertically upwards, creating clear space in front of and behind the door. Inside the building too, useful space is not wasted because the door sections can be parked underneath the ceiling, parallel to the ceiling or vertically on the wall depending on the tracking configuration specified. Since the doors are fitted behind the opening, the clear passage width can be used in full. This virtually excludes any risk of damage. A sectional door will provide many more years of trouble free operation than nearly every other type of industrial door as the stress on scomponents is so evenly spread and the mechanism ensure the door balances to make easy operation possible. Sliding up and under the ceiling, they maximize space around the door opening.

High-Performance Door Systems

High-performance doors provide smooth traffic flow, access control and separation of climate zones in both interior and exterior high-traffic applications. High speeds, tight seals and intuitive safety features help improve efficiency in any facility.

The high speed door is an ever increasing requirement in our cost conscious environmentally conscious world. The loss of heat from inside the building can cost thousands over a year, especially in a large building, and the same for keeping a building cool in the summer.

Fast action shutters will keep the temperature inside a building as stable as possible whilst traffic enters and exits all day long. During winter months savings in heating costs can be enormous whilst maintaining a pleasant atmosphere for staff inside.

They also help to keep dust, rain and wind levels lower in a building.

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