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About us:

Megoras About us:

MEGORAS Technology was established in 2015 with the support of TUBITAK. Our company has been established for research and development, product development and project design. In this respect, it is an innovative engineering company for the electronics sector. It has been established by expert electronics engineers who worked on product design and development in some consulting firms in Turkey. Thanks to these features, MEGORAS has ceased to be a start-up company in a short time and started to has an important place in the electronics industry in Turkey. With its theoretical infrastructure, it operates mainly for automatic door, access and security systems, motor control systems and medical sectors. In this scope, it provides successful service in hardware, software, design and production of electronic devices such as control units and sensors.


To act honestly in all projects, to keep quality and customer satisfaction in the forefront, to educate and direct all personnel, to ensure that they adopt modern technology, to develop their activities as an institution that connects institutionalized activities, to grow under control, to gain success by increasing international brand awareness; And ; To gain high technology for industrial automation, security and medical sectors, to adapt the acquired technology to the needs of the country, to reduce dependence on foreign countries and to announce our brand awareness in the fields of automation and international electronics sector.

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